AAT Accounting Services
Specialist Property Accounting


Our Benefits

  • Specialisation

    Because we only serve property clients, all our systems and templates are custom-built with property clients in mind.

    Also; because we deal with property all the time, our understanding of the complex and changeable property tax landscape will always be up to date. Whether it’s setting up the right structure, or understanding what new laws mean for your business, you can trust that AAT are on the case.

  • Fixed Fee Structure

    Due to low overheads including operating digitally, fixed fees are set at very competitive rates. There is no GST added to our stated prices for non-registered clients such as residential property investors – a significant saving..

    Check the Pricing section for a simple Fixed Fee calculator to confirm the price that applies to you.

  • Communication

    As part of keeping costs low, all business is done remotely. Email is the primary form of communication, with rare video- or phone-calls as needs arise. Standard response times are usually excellent; always aiming to pleasantly surprise.

    No additional charges for general day-to-day email queries. Clients are encouraged to make contact before entering into any significant arrangements or transactions. This service is not only free, it is priceless.

  • Speed

    Engagements are processed in the order in which their records are received. We aim to complete all work within two weeks of commencement.

    Need to jump the queue? In rare emergencies work can be completed under extreme urgency (under 48 hours) at additional cost.

Chartered Accountant

Registered Chartered Accountants with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) gives the assurance that the very high professional standards of education and training have been met, and that continuing professional development is occurring every year to ensure knowledge is up to date!

Tax Agency

Being a registered tax agency with New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department (IRD) provides clients with an eight-month extension of time for filing their income tax returns from July to the following March. The extension also delays the tax payment date two months from February to April. On top of all that, we deal with the IRD direct on your behalf.

Xero Certified

Xero provides, in their words, Beautiful Accounting Software. We thoroughly agree. Xero is not a requirement, but is strongly encouraged. Xero fees are additional to fixed fees quoted, but provide reporting benefits and bookkeeping time-savings well in excess of the cost.

Property Investors

Most accountants don’t invest in property. How can they best advise investors? Anthony Appleton-Tattersall, Director of AAT Accounting Services is an active investor owning real estate throughout New Zealand, including apartments, standalone houses, and shares in commercial property syndicates.


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