Fixed Prices - no surprises

The fixed fee structure below applies to residential property investors with up to ten long term hold properties. If you're a larger scale investor please get in touch to discuss your portfolio, for a personalised fee estimate that will not be exceeded.

Please note - if your property ownership is split among multiple entities, fees are charged for each entity - a group discount may be available in some cases.

We also offer a fee-beat guarantee - At least 25% off your usual fee from any other Chartered Accounting firm.

There is NO GST on any of our fees!

One Residential Rental Property

Two Residential Rental Properties

Per Additional Property

Purchase/Sale of Rental Property during year

Additional Charge for Company or Trust structure

$575 ($525 if a client before 31 March 2020)

$725 ($675 if a client before 31 March 2020)

+$150 ($130 if a client before 31 March 2020)



Fees for FY2020 have been increased recently after remaining static since FY2017. Existing clients who sign up prior to 31 March 2020 will receive the lower rate for their first year, before being shifted to the new rate.

Other Fixed Fee Services:

Initial Consultation

Company/LTC Incorporation

Companies Office Annual Filing

Tax & Structure Review

XERO Subscription


$600 (inclusive of $150 Companies Office Fee)

$110 (inclusive of $45 Companies Office Fee)

FREE for clients, from $200 for casual engagements

Additional, varies depending on requirements