why AAT?

AAT Accounting

We provide specialist tax and accounting services to property investors, real estate agents, and property managers since 2014.

Whether you're new to property or you're seasoned by countless cycles, feel confident in your business affairs with AAT Accounting.


Because we only serve property clients, all our systems and templates are custom-built with property clients in mind.

Also; because we deal with property all the time, our understanding of the complex and changeable property tax landscape will always be up to date. Whether it's setting up the right structure, or understanding what new laws mean for your business, you can trust that AAT are on the case.

Fixed fee structure

Our fixed fees are very competitive, and all our fees have no GST - a significant saving for residential property investors. While we can't promise it will always be this way, it is expected to remain so.


There is no additional charge for general day-to-day email queries. Clients are encouraged to contact us before entering into any significant arrangements or transactions. This service is not only free, it is priceless.

Tax agency

We are a registered tax agency with the IRD. This provides clients with an extension of time for filing and paying income tax, and we deal with the IRD direct on your behalf.


Clients jobs are processed in the order in which their records are received - except in rare emergencies. We aim to complete all annual and GST work within two weeks of receiving your records.

xero certified

Xero provides, in their words, Beautiful Accounting Software. At AAT Accounting, we thoroughly agree.

Unlike some firms, use of Xero is not a necessary part of being a client here - but it is actively encouraged. A subscription to Xero is charged in addition to the fixed fees displayed on the website, but it provides benefits well in excess of its cost.